What is Counselling?
Life throws all sorts of issues at us, and sometimes it can feel like we are lost in a maze, unable to find our way out on our own.

I use an integrated person-centred approach.  This means I believe everyone is unique and has the potential and ability for change.  I see my role as coming alongside in order to help you find your way through the maze, tailoring the way work to meet your needs using my intuition and creativity.

Counselling offers an opportunity for increasing your understanding of what troubles or confuses you in a safe and confidential space.

You may want to explore a particular issue, gain a different perspective on something, or look at different ways of being.

Counselling also offers an opportunity to discover new choices.  Having choice can result in an enhanced sense of personal freedom.

Types of issue that I have worked with include:  low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, stress, anger, post traumatic stress, relationships, bullying, suicide, bereavement and abuse of all natures.

Communication and compatibility often comes up for couples, and having an understanding of the different personality types can sometimes help raise tolerance levels in each other.  Free access to a short version of one such test can be found via the humanmetrics link.

Research has shown that laughter / humour is therapeutic, especially when you feel stressed.  With this in mind, businessballs have a link to 'funny family favourites' answers (under stress management) that I found amusing.

Terms and Conditions
Whatever you say is treated with respect and is confidential within the bounds of the law and the ethical framework of my professional body – the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

In recognition that each person and situation is unique, the number of sessions is not pre-determined and is open to negotiation to fit with your needs.  I am happy to work on a short or long-term basis, although I would normally recommend four sessions initially.

Each session is an hour (usually on a weekly basis) and costs from £40.  I would expect payment for missed sessions with less than 48 hours notice.

Counselling individuals and couples in Bristol