Client Testimonials

Counselling in Bristol
  • Just a lovely lady who you really feel you can trust and open up to without being judged.
  • I felt very understood.   Gave space to raise tough issues and find a way through.  Sense of humour very helpful!   Peaceful and calm demeanour.   Intuitive and thoughtful line of questions.
  • I think the sessions were well handled and gently progressive.
  • Having the opportunity to think through my ideas and decide upon approaches I wish to try next.
  • I have found out who I am.
  • The sessions have enabled me to come to terms with the issues in my life.
  • You have helped me to tolerate myself more and to see that it is possible to cope with the bad times in non-destructive ways.
  • The sessions have been very helpful, having someone to listen to how I feel in a friendly and attentive way has helped me to feel more at ease with my own feelings.
  • The sessions have helped me unburden myself and helped me relax.  They have helped focus and change my outlook on life.
  • I have a sense of who I am again.  I can rely on myself and say ‘no’ if I want to, and get my life back.
  • Extremely helpful.  It has allowed me to share my thoughts, frustrations, confusion and fears in a confidential, independent and safe environment.  More importantly, it has and is helping me to understand the illness and develop strategies to prevent and manage in the future.
  • Very helpful.  Almost immediately stopped me going further down a bad spiral and got me looking forward again.
  • Enabled me to see the wood for the trees and make the changes I needed to make.
  • I have learnt strategies to help cope and to understand myself more.
  • Good pace.  Enabled me to talk about my fears with dignity.
  • Calm, non-judgemental, very facilitating.  Very good at helping us to find our own path.
  • Very even unbiased approach.  Excellent observation.
  • Good tools and techniques to help me deal with my situation / anxiety.
  • Counselling has given me greater confidence and capacity to handle difficult situations.

Counselling individuals and couples in Bristol